Commercial Builders Christchurch

Commercial Builders. Whether its building motels, shopping centers, tourist outlets, farm buildings, or warehouses we obtain the best possible prices and solutions for our clients.

Katz Tyres

Our highly-skilled team, working alongside trusted sub-contractors, have worked on commercial building projects of significant size and scope. Utilizing our years of industry experience to produce work which is timeless, durable, and highly functional.

From schools and early education facilities. To shopping centres and manufacturing outlets. Our ability to work within strict time frames and budgetary constraints whilst still producing exceptional work has ensured our services in the commercial sector are in high demand.

Commercial structures are almost always high-traffic areas where robust construction processes and durable materials are vital. The end product must represent a balance between practicality and aesthetic appeal; a blend we’re confident of achieving on each and every project we undertake.

53 years experience in the building trade.